Give Water. Give Life.

They say that ¾ of the Earth’s surface is water. We ski on it, drink it, water our crops with it. We even take a bath in it, at least once a week, whether we need it or not. :)

All jokes aside, water just might be the most plentiful and most useful substance on the planet.

Recently, we saw water at its worst when the earthquake tide swept over the coast of Japan dealing death and destruction everywhere it surged. A tsunami, a wall of water, is one of the most destructive forces in nature. But there is another, more subtle and destructive, kind of water in the word today – dirty water. Every day, dirty drinking water takes the life of untold thousands and compromises the health of countless others. Can anything be done? The answer is emphatically, yes!

Join Larry Wood as he welcomes Roland Bergeron, Founder/CEO of Water of Life, to PEACETALK this Monday. Roland will be sharing with us how clean water is bringing hope, help, and peace to thousands around the world. You will also be intrigued by his story of how the gospel, presented with a cup of water in Jesus’ name, is changing the lives of so many around the world.

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