Encourage your pastor!

"Tired out!"

"Worn out!"

"Burned out!"

These are a few the comments I hear from pastors and ministry leaders on a regular basis. But, I bet you’re no different. I bet there are times you hit the wall and experience burn out as well, don’t you?!

Ever wish you could take a day off and do something you wouldn’t normally do? Something fun and refreshing, like going on a hike or water skiing. How about taking some time to just relax at a cabin and read, meditate, or even write? I would like to do this. I know my pastor would like to do this to and I bet yours would as well!

Unfortunately, the demands of the modern church ministry just don’t leave much time for margin. The expectations on the congregation and sometimes even the self-imposed expectations are so unrelenting, so demanding, that the only alternative is melt-down or the slow burn of dreams gone by. Desires repress and joy is replaced by despair.

There is a solution. There is a way to take some time and getting your pastor plugged in is as simple as asking. Energize Day Retreats is one way that you can help your pastor experience encouragement, refreshment, and recreation. But picking up the telephone and calling your pastor and letting them know how much you appreciate them is the best place to start. If you want to know more about Andy Bowersox and the ministry of Energize Day Retreats, click here or call (828) 898-3093.