Hey Sheep, Tend To Your Shepherd!

Have you ever thought that among all of the bruised, hurt, and needy people in a church you would find your pastor? Of course not. After all, he has been to seminary. He has studied the Bible. He knows how to counsel. He has helped others. He has it altogether. The pastor can’t possibly be hurting!
No so. The pastor of a church is just like you and me. He or she suffers the problems of marriage, parenting, economic burdens, personal failures, and the weight of others expectations. The burden of all this can be numbing. The emotional weight can be crushing.

We may not ever think about this because we just don’t think about it or maybe because pastors don’t let on to how deeply they hurt, how insecure they really are, or how bruised and battered they might be by life–how just like the rest of us they really are. Can anything be done to help them? Can the sheep rescue the shepherd?

When the wheels are falling off is there hope? Is there help available and can the pastor and the church find peace? Lots of questions…lets talk answers!