Power Failure

Ever lose your power? It happens often, particularly in storms. It usually only lasts for a few minutes or maybe an hour or so and there is no great harm. But a few years ago, we lost our power for the better part of a week. When the power doesn’t come back on right away you soon discover how dependent you are. You experience weakness. Sometimes even hopelessness.

There are even power failures in the Bible. Samson was known as man of great physical strength. Then one day, while making “sport” of his strength, the Bible says “he went out as before, not knowing the Spirit, his power, had left him”. He experienced a power failure and the consequences were terrible.

One day Jesus sent out the disciples to minister and they came back confused and defeated. They couldn’t cast out some demons. Didn’t Jesus send them out to do this? Didn’t he promise His power? But the power wasn’t there. They had a power failure.

Like the Apostle Paul, do you know what you should do, but just don’t have the power to do it? Do you know what you should not to do, but can’t stop doing it anyway? Do these “power failure” moments seem to be the “norm” of your life? Do you ever see God working in someone else and long for His power to be evident in your life? Are you tired of defeat, discouragement, and your other power failures?